Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The price of peace is hard work (#691)

Now that my title shows that I have solved that dilemma, we can move on to other things, right? Wrong.  Anyway, it seems to me that when ever there is a conflict of any nature, the only recourse, that is not violent, involves the ability for people of different viewpoints to discuss them. Now discussion alone is not always or nearly enough. Compromise and/or creative thoughts need to be offered as solutions. I would rather have taxed my brain over a period of time to mentally wrestle out some kind of answer as opposed to jeopardizing any living soul in armed conflict. "War is not the answer"-Marvin Gaye is known to sing about in one of his classic songs. I agree and wish for peace to find it's way into our lives in a real and complete way. One of my Facebook friends, Carla, recently commented that in her 55 years on Earth ( same as me by the way), that she has never lived under peace. I started to think about her comment and I agree with it. There has been war waging since my conception on our planet without stop. The one hope I will carry from all this chaos of death and destruction we inflict on each other is that progress has been made in some conflicts that have avoided greater needless bloodshed. The progress has been accomplished by persons who would stand up to violence as an option and instead furthered contemplative and creative dialogue for resolution. It is easy to give in to anger and force to settle differences in the moment, but the effect causes emotions of deep hatred and lasting revenge. In accommodating the insanity of self-destruction, which violence truly is, we retreat from civilized solutions and historical achievements. The price of peace is hard but the payoff is lasting and satisfying.

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