Friday, December 17, 2010

The reward of discovery (#686)

I am not talking about an Earth shattering discovery, but just everyday discoveries that help us along in our days. I have maintained from the start of this blog that one of the two natures we are born with, curiosity, compassion being the other, must be allowed to manifest itself otherwise darker, less than noble traits will emerge due to the inability of curiosity to fulfill it's function. When curiosity is allowed to manifest itself then the opportunities for discovery increase. I bring this up because I want all to know the importance of discovery, even discovery that has a negative or painful outcome is still vital to being known. I have this certain way of looking at us humans and how we live. It is not much different than a life form inside a petri dish. We are still mostly just here on the planet, working toward what we will eventually appear to be. Not unlike the organism in the petri dish, we are still working out what is truth and what is fiction and in this process we are beginning to take on a form of something that truly defines us. We only get to who we are by moving from here to there through discovery. Our curious natures must be allowed to flourish with as little interference as possible. The truth of why we are here in this existence and how we got here are still yet unknown, but to continue to search through any and all evidence known and yet discovered may give us an opportunity to find out. I would rather face the truth of life than to cower from it in hopes that it doesn't hurt me. Much of living life is the same. Having a boldness to discover and continue to care to survive is our nature. When we put our natures toward action we can then find our destiny as a society of humans who must discover, if we are to fulfill who and what we are.

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