Monday, December 27, 2010

The wise are humble (#696)

I am mostly proving my point from two fronts. Humility in itself is not an indicator of wisdom, although it does seem to be a trait in most abundance with the wise. I know some humble people who are not learned academics or self-taught righteous proclamers. They are just simple in how they approach life. To each his own and in some ways simplicity in choice does show a fair amount of wisdom. For the most part however, the wise are secure in the knowledge that they understand circumstances and are not bellicose to describe such things. They do not choose to draw attention to themselves as an ego assuagement. Instead, they choose to humble themselves because they know they are very lucky to have insights into things that others have not yet gained. The other way I know of humility being a trait of the wise is through the opposite expression by those who would appear to be wise for reasons other than honor. There are people who speak out on subjects of importance with only a narrow view of the subject. Their most bombastic rhetoric is in direct contradiction with humility. As I have learned, through time, they are often proven to be wrong and/or deceptive in forwarding their insights, usually for personal considerations. In other words, those who speak out the loudest most often can be dismissed as not coming to us from wisdom but instead from ulterior motive. Prime examples are those who are paid to "explain" wisdom to us on television and radio shows. It appears that since one has some knowledge of a subject they are accepted as being wise about that subject and all those subjects that have commonality with it. Nonsense! Wisdom is out there to be found, a key to finding it is recognizing humility and distinguishing the nature of the humility.

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