Thursday, May 19, 2011

All must stand and be accountable (#839)

No one should get a free ride! However, there are those who do just that. It is so much harder, by far to let a few do all the work. The problem arises because there are those who wish to stay in the background and not commit to help with whatever cause needs being done. The reasons vary but the genesis is fear. Fear of being labeled, fear of being wrong, etcetera, it is all about being afraid to do something that is otherwise difficult or uncomfortable. Most of us have had to battle, scratch and claw, metaphorically, lol., to get what we have and jeopardizing those things is a tough call. Especially when we are trained by culture not to create antagonism, even when it is obviously needed. You know the old saying "the devil we know is better than the devil we don't know". The problem with this type of conclusion is that in most every case the devil we know is telling us this. What the true reality is, is that the devil we know is clinging on to what leverage it currently exists within and change from that most assuredly would deplete it's stranglehold. When we as a people set out to back a cause or way of thinking that logically expresses a positive step toward justice or equality, the fear in doing it should not be so great that all of us cannot stand up to it and make the change happen. We humans are greater thinkers for ourselves than we are given credit for. Many who would think for us do not believe we are capable of deciding our own futures without their guidance. Inherently, they would be wrong. The problem we have is to mount the courage to believe in ourselves and not the myths that have been perpetrated on us by our wannabe "deciders". There should never be fear when conviction to honorable and noble principle is the guiding force pushing us to action.

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