Monday, May 16, 2011

Courtesy as a regarded principle (#836)

I sat here for several hours trying to summon up a subject for today. this is what has come to me. I cannot tell you how many times I have been taken for granted. Apparently it is that "what goes around comes around" thing. lol. I have had many episodes of taking advantage of others or just being down right rude in my behavior. So naturally, it should come back to me in a way that reminds me of my own failings. Regardless of that, here is what I think about those who expect something for reasons of less than honorable intent. In other words, those who play on sympathy or kindness to manipulate situations and events. I can tell the difference between someone wanting real help and those who are in it to gain an edge. It is a grifter's mentality to spend someone else's resource before having to spend their own. I understand this and I have been guilty myself. That is to my shame! I also understand true need and how it is to be shown by those who have it. A respectful showing of asking for help is one. I was recently given an arrogant request to help a person and when I told the person that I had somewhat of a way to help they brushed past me without a kind response of any kind. It was if I didn't offer to all that was demanded of me I was not worthy of further discussion. Those are the simple ones to understand as not a true need. When I am in a bind it is the only time I even consider asking for help, and still rarely do, but when I do I am humble and respectful of whatever answer I am given. Thankful for just the other person even listening to my request. I know that asking for help is necessary at times and is not required by anyone to give. It is an honor just to be able to ask. I will always cherish that knowledge and when I run across less than that it reminds me that courtesy is the first action of respect I must endow upon whomever I ask a favor.

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