Friday, May 27, 2011

The expansion of my mind (#847)

Yesterday's post dealt with how my emotions shape my mind. Today's post will be about how my mind shapes my emotions. I need to have a clarity of thought to be able to expand the parameters of my mind. I cannot be bogged down by limiters or obstacles that prevent me from exploring all avenues of reasoning. I get to govern my courage as to being bold about what I think about and how I process my thoughts. My life is no different than anyone else's, I have the natural right to experience my existence on my own terms within acceptable structures. The freedom to think and the liberty to act are choices I get to make. What do I do with these gifts and rights? I know that I must value them and treat them with the same sanctity I do to necessities of survival, eating, breathing, drinking etc... I am my own enabler to grow my knowledge through logic, reason and analysis, at whatever limits I subscribe to myself. Life has very few options to purpose overall; there is existing and there is understanding. Somewhere, between these two we all fall in place. I know many who have hit upon a place of comfort that is less fearful. They have staked out some ground there and have firmly planted themselves for reasons of security. Others, who wish no such comfort continue to expand their knowledge base, ever questioning premises and conclusions when the logic of there foundation is imperfect. I find I am one of the middle grounders who have both types of attributes. However, I am further into the camp where logic is my tool for discovery despite the fear that may accompany that exploration. I have only limited time here in existence and as such I value the knowledge yet learned that curiosity has required of me to strive toward. I am less satisfied with just existing I am more satisfied with knowing.

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