Friday, May 20, 2011

Good will and a helping hand (#840)

In this day and age it is not easy being benevolent when we are all struggling to maintain a level of existence that is hardly comfortable. yet we need to try where we can so that a comfortableness within our souls can be maintained. We need to help each other where possible, more than as a sense of duty, but as a sense of doing what is right. Our egalitarian society is still an ideal, not a reality, prevalent forces still force us to compete with each other over very limited resources. It can be combative and competitive as the survival instinct kicks in. That is part of the animal we used to be in our early history, destroy to keep from being destroyed. Civilization has rounded those sharp edges of our history and today in society we can feel a connectivity that previously was not possible. As these hard times have shown those of us who have little of the resources, we need to acclimate our mindsets to doing without and with less so that others may have what they need to survive. It is a simple logical understanding, share what we have when we can and our security becomes that much more possible. That is the logical understanding but within us we need to come to grips with our ethical and moral principles. The reality of our existence tells us that we are born onto this planet and we will, most of us anyway, surely die here. We are only visitors, and as such we need to think of ourselves as not owners of this existence but guests. None of us can change that and in accepting that premise we can then justify that none of us has any greater right to life than any other. Therefore taking care of each other when needed is an example of our humanness and a qualifier to our ability to exist as an intelligent and enlightened species.

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