Monday, May 30, 2011

I am not God but I am a human being (#850)

Basic simple statement we all should know about ourselves. What does it mean though and what are the differences? I am not the creator nor am I the master of destiny. I can create scenarios that shape and effect who I am and what happens around me. This is no small ability in the realm of human interaction. I did not create existence but I have a say in how existence operates. As a human I am taught that we all have this ability to be engaged in our reality. It is a learned experience not without it's struggles. Often, we as individuals, are led to delude ourselves in visions of grandeur and self-worth. In doing so we cross the line between God-like status and human status. It is a struggle we all go through on a continuing basis, that is, finding our middle ground between who and what we are and who and what we are not. I know that I am not the shaper of destiny for others but I am the shaper of my own destiny, if I choose to do so. There are only a couple of default positions we can just expect because we are human, although it is a travesty that we have not evolved far enough into our civilization to have permanent guarantees to natural human rights. However the case on what stage in evolution we are, it is fact that to continue to broaden our understanding of ourselves we need to also define who we are not. Whenever I see the effects of ego I am saddened because ego represents an arrogance toward existence that is an illusion. We, as humans will always be the children here and not the adult(s) who actually created our human being(ness). Like all children who think they are too special for their own species, there is a reckoning that eventually falls on those who surround and are effected by the egoist. Humility and appreciation are never overstated when they are used in abundance by humanity.

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