Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My animal me (#844)

A purpose in being logical in thought and action is to maintain our life here in existence. Yes, logic is a means for survival. A tool to use when order wants to change to disorder, or disorder wishes to change to anarchy. We keep our civilization together through common agreements and through a structure that allows us all a foundation from which to communicate and interact. My mind plays the role of logician while my heart plays the role of emotion. If I allowed my heart to dominate my experiences and destiny, my instinct toward pleasure and passion would be my only motive. With my mind in the mix in an equal way with my heart, I am afforded less pleasure and passion but more order and security. I am of the animal kingdom and as such have animal instincts that generate self-seeking-satisfaction. However, the logical aspect of my evolution has just as much at stake in my life as does my emotion. It sets boundaries for my emotion while not diluting it. I am a creature now who has both, logic and emotion, working in tandem to not only enjoy life as the animal I still am but to have a longer experience in life because of what logic does for my individual and our collective security. I am at the fundamental level with my life and of course the complications attached to both logic and emotion are always straining my intellect. But at the fundamental basic level I have but two driving forces that make up the whole of who I am. Again, I reiterate that it is my contention that we have two forces within us that are our true natures, compassion and curiosity, with a side dose of survival in the mix. It is when I rationalize it out like this that I see I have hit upon the essence of my contention. My mind and my heart, the greatest sources of impetus which define my ability to create who I am.

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