Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our personal parameters (#841)

At times I have been courageous and at times I have been cowardly. I have also been as dumb as a rock and as well unbelievably brilliant. I have been to the edges of the best of who I am and the worst of who I am. Most every time I have, it is because of a choice I have made. Within all of us is the same formula of opportunity to be what we truthfully become. I know this about myself and I also know this about you. We have the same opportunities to be our best or our worst. It is up to us. I am now in the process of eliminating the worst of who I am in order to enjoy more of the best of who I can become. Again it is a choice. Who I am and what I do in life is my new life project. I know the path to being me and it has always been there for me. It, staying in the present moment with my thoughts and actions, always seemed boring. In the past I chose not to stay in the present because I had more fun thinking about how to plan my exciting future, or I stayed in the past blaming everyone for my choices. I have to admit here and now that it is embarrassing to have to say that it took me until I had already turned 50 years old before it dawned on me that staying in the present moment without letting my mind wander was the solution to every problem I ever had. My flawed reasoning was fear, I didn't trust my nature to be great and right at all times. I had not yet decided to trust the honorable and noble principles I felt inside me. I was afraid that somehow my being would be taken advantage of by others. What I have come to realize is that those pure principles I felt that were great and right in my heart and mind were far more worthy than me, and in such learning that lesson I began to see that my actions defined who I am not anyone's reaction to my actions. I am at home now with who I am becoming and it is because it is the real me now living in my skin.

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