Sunday, May 29, 2011

Where does the hate come from? (#849)

I know what hate is. I have felt it many times, mostly inappropriately but nonetheless I have felt it. I was sitting here trying to decide how to explain hate and when it is justifiable but that seems to always be an individual choice by us and not contained within specific boundaries. The most justifiable form of hate, that I feel, is when pain and suffering is being inflicted upon myself or to someone in my awareness. My hate stems from anger. In the past I would see a wrong being perpetrated and I would get angry, then the continued act combined with the psychology of enjoyment by the actor would allow the hate to begin to seethe within me to the point of blind fury. That is the extent of my experience with hate. I do not transfer hate in the place of fear since fear has it's own set of dynamics apart from hate. I see so much of fear in our discourse of thoughts and actions that it reminds me of how easily fear can be turned into hate. There are ways of looking at civilization that actually promote fear to the point of hate. Sadly, it is based on our own assumptions of how life should be lived and the expectations that come with that mindset. Instead of living with our own expectations for ourselves we in society have become accustomed to projecting our expectations on others as a way to deflect from our own fears. I do believe wholeheartedly that our fears are normal, but what we often do with our fears is abnormal. The correct course is to face our fears, apply them to our life and adjust ourselves and our thoughts accordingly and then move on to the next fear. When we decide how others should live based upon our not facing our own fears is when hatred can come into play. To carry hatred around, lashing out at others because we cannot face our own fears is cowardly and less than who we should be.

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