Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bias and prejudice as a strategy (#943)

Capitalism rewards those who can win, even at any cost. This is the dark side of an economic system that has as many flaws as it does positives features. In it's true form capitalism can be an enterprise that fulfills equality. However by it's very nature, it is also susceptible to underhanded and ulterior manipulations. When it is in practice, as strictly a market force devoid of human manipulation, it is truly a system that motivates and innovates given the intellect of the economic population. That perfect world does not exist nor does it even come close to existing. To the subject matter of this post, when all efforts are employed to gain advantages for the sake of success, bias and prejudice are allowed to flourish. Not in an honest way but as an acceptable way of doing business. When we spend so much time struggling to beat out each other for the sake of money, we lose sight of the ideal of creating a society that benefits all. For all of my lifetime, capitalism has been held in such reverence that even talking about it's flaws was considered heretical and treasonous. Such is it's power over our society that to consider any other possible permutations of agreeable economic systems is shunned. How easily our minds can be swayed toward economic policy, out of greed, over the greater ideal of improving society. It is as if the religion of capitalism has grown to a point of sacredness. Therefore anyone who would suggest an alternative to it through any calculation is considered sacrilegious. The cost of this protection of capitalism that has some inherent negative traits is our being left to the mercy of them and the diminution of equality, fairness, honor and other high principles of virtue and ethics. We will not easily move past the negative attitudes and actions of our shameful past until we recognize the value of changing the engines that perpetuates them.

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