Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The gift of reality (#936)

From a neutral viewpoint, we have been given an insight into what is real in this existence. The air, water, earth and fire are examples of what is real. That we can survive in this temperature and continue to feed ourselves is a bonus. This is as basic as it gets when we look at what reality is. What we have done since is magnify and amplify these objects and actions to make a society that allows us to be liberated from mere survival. We have a commonality that we all share and that we also prize as valuable. This is the gift of which I am referring. Building upon the complexities we have structured gives us freedoms we would otherwise not enjoy. Only through our shared actions are we able to maintain this level of existence in this reality. If a breakdown in our commonly associated wills to keep an enlightened society were to occur, it would not be long at all for us to be back to basic survival skills being our foremost concern. The gift of reality is that so far we have been able to move forward in our shared experiences to build a much more inclusive and benevolent society. We have found ways to compromise on our outlooks as to what is best for our futures and let the test of time determine what is truly our path forward. We do this together, not apart as the whim of some wish to have. When the will of the many are manipulated, through less than honorable illusions, by the will of the few, we will have a price to pay for the ensuing chaos. I like to think that logic is still the highest form of reasoning and argumentation. It has it's inadequacies but mostly, only in the field of emotional responses. It is incumbent upon all of us to know who we are individually and who we are collectively. We have a duality of life force that both taken together can find ways to move into the future without having the future show up as our past.

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