Monday, August 29, 2011

Great things are accomplished by great people (#941)

The chance that great people can lead our country is becoming almost impossible. The way our electoral process is staged, the chance that an objective thinking person with a enlightened vision could ever ascend to leadership roles is discounted. If you are not one of the "gang" and have made so many compromises over the course of your career, you have literally no shot of ever being an elected governmental official. Our democracy has been hijacked by special interests with lots of money. What we get as leaders today are people who are beholden to a way of thinking that has no vision for all but only a limited vision for some. Our freedom to vote has even come under some restrictive measures. Where hard fought for rights for all to be included in the election of our leaders, some find that by restricting access to voting they improve their chances of "winning". The course of our country's founding and beginning is being changed from improving the lot of our citizens to only improving the lot of our citizens who can afford it. We have lost our moral compass as a nation and are letting the dream of equality of opportunity slip from our quest to grasp. That there are forces within our country that would not live up to ideals of honor and fairness should be no surprise, yet we do seem surprised and taken aback when accusations are made against those forces. Our biggest impediment to changing all of this force for some back to a force for all is our inability to admit that we have been in error in our judgment. It is as if we would rather pay the price of our ignorance through denial than admit we were wrong and change it. It would be easy for me to say, well we deserve what we get, and do nothing about it. However this lack of not having great people leading what is left of our great country will come back to haunt our children and their children's children for decades to come, if at least I don't do or say something about it.

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