Monday, August 15, 2011

Hope despite the reality (#927)

It has been some time since hope was the main topic of my daily post. Not because it is insignificant, since it is one of the most significant concepts all of us should have. Should have, seems strange putting it that way but I do know some people who place no belief in the power of hope. I haven't written on hope because it has not been at the front of my mind and that is how I almost always write this blog. First thing that comes into my mind when I am sitting here all ready to start. But days like today are different. Not that anything important beyond the usual is occurring but because I sat here earlier and nothing motivated me, so I moved from the keyboard and now I am beck several hours later and I find that hope has filled my mind. I see a vision where our lives are refreshed with new thoughts about how we treat each other. I also see how we can share this world with each other in a way that allows us to see all the wonders our world has to offer. This is what I hope for, the startling revelation that nothing is more important than our lives, nothing. I suppose I could label my hope as a destiny which could become true despite the current and historical behavior we have shown. So for me, and I am sure most others, hope contains a motivation to strive toward. Hope is the dream we wish, or are fated to have, come true. I know my life would have less meaning than it already has if not for hope. Hope allows me to survive when my life is on a low plane. Hope sustains me when I rise up from that low plane and hope exhilarates me when hope comes true. Hope is the promise I would always keep if I could make my hopes come true.

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