Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The impossible is possible (#942)

I have had enough of those who tell me that this or that cannot be changed because it is impossible. How do they know what I or we are capable of? I know they think a change cannot happen within their own understanding, but I have yet to meet anyone who knows it all. In being an optimist like I am, even though I have my less than stellar moments, I refuse to believe or resign myself to any proposition that a thing or event cannot be made better. Even at the complete overhaul of an existing process if necessary. We have such limited time here on Earth, that we would not take advantage of our hopes and dreams for a better world out of some despairing idealism aimed at stifling us is incoherent. Pessimism is a tool used by those who have some stake or advantage in things remaining the same or even worse, things deteriorating to an even lesser degree. Those who would follow such illogic become willing accomplices in a paradigm that does not serve their interests and actually makes their lives less desirable. Optimism, on the other hand, allows for motivation of effort toward something desirable. Something that can have good or great benefit as an outcome. We need more optimism about us, not necessarily the same visions but at least positive visions that have honor and justice as their foundation. Regardless if science and technology have advanced far enough to help with a positive vision, the process of striving will get the action it deserves. Who knows, even if by acting on a vision brings about the very same advances needed, a completed a positive outcome may occur. I guess having some trust in destiny or fate does help but being possible is all that is required.

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