Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Never stop doing the right thing (#928)

I get this lesson quite frequently. Regardless of how tired or how badly I do not want to do some thing I do it anyway. It is amusing at times that I do like to procrastinate when given the benign option but still I usually do not procrastinate. I have learned that just getting things done allows me some free time, occasionally. What I have also learned is that the free time I don't usually get by doing things is because some thing else has come up unexpectedly. It is for that reason that I try to do the right thing, in time, whenever possible. Does every thing need to be done immediately? No, but when I do things that way I feel a sense of accomplishment and also a sense of control otherwise I wouldn't have if I choose to be lazy with my time. Doing the right thing, to me, is doing what needs to be done when or before it needs to be done. There is another concept here and that is defining what the right thing is. I have a pretty good gauge on that but I am not always perfect on my intuition. However, me doing the right thing is what I am obligating myself to be responsible for and if others do not do their part so be it. I am under no illusion that I can control others and I will not use coercion or duress to make things happen. This world is hard enough for all of us and putting on more pressure is counter-productive in the long view. If a thing needs to be done and done right it must come from within each of us to do our part. Hopefully our part is understood. I can create circumstances around me that highlight cooperative effort with reasonable expectations, but I don't have license to dictate or demand what others see as what is right. I only know that I am self-motivated to be the best human I can be and doing what is right when it needs to be done is my mission.

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