Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our founding fathers had a vision (#929)

They did and memorialized it in print. We also can have a vision and memorialize it in our daily lives. In the preamble of our US Constitution, a phrase that lifts up our collective consciousnesses is this one: "to promote the general welfare". Our founding fathers saw that the most precious value, as a country, are our citizens. In promoting the general welfare we are maintaining the sacrifices and gains from the past but also adding to them. That is the vision I claim for myself, to continue the good insight and foresight of our wise patriot fore-bearers. In promoting the general welfare of our citizens and country we must look to see what that means. The first order is to keep our populace healthy and educated. This can be done many ways but must somehow include all of us. A country that expresses equality and justice without prejudice is on the path to promoting the general welfare of it's citizens. Another important requirement for promoting the general welfare is opportunity in the workforce for our citizens to be a part of the economic undertakings allowed to flourish. All citizens need to have an occupation with compensation in order to supply the necessities of life to themselves and their families. So, health, education and work opportunities are three areas that can be rationally categorized as promoting the general welfare. Another area for us to promote for the general welfare is on how we take care of our most vulnerable citizens. Can we establish solid and safe programs that address the weakest and oldest of our citizens in a way that provides for dignity and respect. We truly are only as strong as our weakest link and by addressing our strengths and weaknesses we will be fulfilling the spirit of our forefathers and their incredible vision for us to carry on.

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