Tuesday, August 23, 2011

There are no limits to thoughts (#935)

There are no limits to the thoughts we can have. Certainly no limits to thinking. It is when we are together and, through ritual and tradition, are confined to preconceived notions and expectations that we lose the ability to think of the not yet thought. All of us have the capability to have at least one thought that is unique to all of us. Through learning and experiencing we get closer to having our own original ideas about what life is or where it can go. We should never limit ourselves to constraints of belief systems or traditional customs that do not allow us to think and prepare our own destiny. I bering this up because I have known some who are so stuck in rituals that they cannot see that anything else is possible. Not only that but they start to see everything else as a conspiracy of some devious sort. Because of some archaic mindset, they have effectively abdicated their right to be a free thinking individual. It is a sad state to be in where such a compromise would destroy the possibility of courage manifesting itself into that which is still unknown. I find it hard to reconcile why people would give up discovery for the sake of limited acquiescence to fear. Life is to be lived with a sense of courage, not fear. Placing oneself into a doctrine that limits actions is in essence quitting on life. I can only speak for myself here but I will never allow myself to fall into just surviving like a scared rabbit in order to justify my existence. I am not saying that a personal belief system is wrong but the kind that limits one's actions, especially based on their own thoughts, is counter intuitive to what it is to experience life as an individual human being. I have my personal understanding of the Universe and it serves me well since it is based upon the fact that I have free will to think as I will with the power to objectify the thoughts. I will not be a creature stymied by illusions or mysticisms because I am afraid to be who and what I can become.

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