Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trust your instincts (#960)

No one has to tell you what is in your heart and mind. No one! It isn't necessary for guidance when the truth is so simple. I know the truth has ramifications we would rather not face but still, there is no denying it for long. The stubbornness we often reason to ourselves can only go on for so long. In short order we come back to the simple truth of things. It is how we survive. We trust our instincts about things. Do they seem right and good or is something off about whatever we are witnessing? The beauty of the human being is this uncanny ability we all have to distinguish what we would want to happen to us. If we know that, then it is easy to know how to treat others. I rarely cite biblical passages but this one passage is a foundational one for who we are and how we should live: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Very simple way to view life as to the situations and circumstances that confront us on an ongoing basis. I don't need anyone to interpret right or wrong for me because I have my own set of personal principles that I live by. I would hope that it is the same for everyone else as well, so you do not need me to tell you what is right and good either. We have to know ourselves and that is really easy also, we are who we think and act, based upon our own understanding of what is our best hope for our lives. We get to decide what our personal principles are and how we bring those to life within our own lives. If I want to be the greatest Carl I can be I must work toward not harming anyone and helping everyone. This I know about myself, life should be a fun experience for those of us born into this existence. Life should not be intentionally devised to hurt or cause pain to anyone. Keeping things simple is the smartest and most productive way to have a human experience that has a positive value.

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