Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ego versus humility (#961)

This is my view of life, what your view is, is yours. Ego and humility are mutually exclusive. They both do not exist at the same time. One either is the dominant thought or the other is. That we can have either is the dynamic we must deal with as humans. Just because we can express either does not mean they are equally acceptable. I think about what ego brings to my thoughts and actions, a false sense of superiority over humans and the paradigm of wisdom. Ego fuels a non-existent illusion that somehow I am more than what I really am. It is uncanny how when my ego is fully engaged, it spreads to every aspect of my thinking and actions. I begin to think in terms of me being owed and having deserved great praise and treasure. My ego wants me to think I am a God, or at least close to being God-like, Demigod as a description. Some think that ego is necessary to accomplish great things, which for me confuses many into believing that ego is required to be successful. On the other hand there is humility, not weakness or cowardice, but reserve and thoughtfulness. Humility has a strength to it that cannot be duplicated by ego and it's false foundational vanity. With humility, I make a choice to be grateful for any thing that has a positive and helpful effect on anything else. Humility is the opposite of ego, in that anything good that comes from me is not my design but my willingness to be available for it to express itself through me. I am just a conduit for the Universe to use as it will, as with all of us within our lifetimes. I am very happy to know that the only specialness I feel is that I am just another human being trying to do things that are of benefit to others and myself at the same time. I am not here to enhance my senses to this world but to enjoy the senses that I have in a way that allows for everyone else to have the same opportunity.

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