Friday, September 30, 2011

Fight for what is honorable (#973)

It has been noteworthy that I have had a mindset within me that wants to express how we need to fight for what should be commonplace. Yet the commonplace common sense has been hijacked by those who would rather kick someone when they are down than to offer a hand to help raise them back up to their feet. There are those who have given up on a better society for the selfish dream of satisfying their own ego. A dog eat dog world only imagined in most of our nightmares. Unfortunately this survival of the fittest mentality has grown in prominence out of bigotry and hatred. How can this be in an enlightened society? It can't. Therefore our society is not as enlightened as we think it is. Sadly, we are seeing the results of this everyday as our society spirals down a long dark road of despair. There are many who would work to bring common sense back into our body politic yet they are being thwarted by those who don't and those who control them. This is a dark time for American internal history. No amount of looking on the bright side can diminish the reality of our situation. The cancer of the mind, the greed of ego, that has infiltrated and infected enough that it is now difficult to sustain modernity and progress with any sense of confidence. Our hope is that an awakening may come about to those who are currently unaware of the plight of half the citizens of our country and a real purging of ego idealism may happen. How many are still unaware of the horrible condition of tens of millions of people says a lot about how we get our information. Many fronts are established by the greedy ego crowd and many fronts must be exposed and diminished as a result. But it must be done and there is much work to do to accomplish that.

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