Friday, September 16, 2011

The meek shall inherit the... (#959)

This biblical passage does not seem to work in our society. The only thing the meek shall inherit are the consequences of letting the forceful shape destiny. The meek are not destined to rule anything as long as they stay meek. Life is showing itself to be about those who have a vision, good or bad, and then them forcing it on us. Unfortunately it seems that the bad visions are having just as much success in becoming reality as the good visions. The good visions take into account the totality of us in ways that improve society whereas the bad visions only take into account those who most profit from them. The cynical advances backwards have been in the mainstream now for too long and must be pushed back into nothingness. It will take all of the rest of us to make that happen, yes even the meek. This is why I have been sounding the alarm about the differences between courage and the change it can bring and the cowardice of shrinking from what is right. The ideal of meekness has a place in a settled and peaceful society. We do not have that so meekness in most forms is premature. We must be instead girded up with the knowledge that fighting for equality, honor and truthfulness still an ongoing battle. There is no plateau for us to rest on, we have much work to do in order to establish a society worthy of the best natures of humanity. We need to heal ourselves from our worst natures by creating opportunities for our best natures to thrive. No one will do this for us. We are responsible for our thoughts and actions, so let's make them a set of superior principled examples so that instead of being meek we are being leaders in showing the rest of us and generations to come how to live life with a purpose toward making life better.

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