Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Perseverance (#963)

If you want to make your point of view known you must keep on telling it over and over again until finally you are understood. It seems that some points of view are really difficult to get through to people, despite all evidence you supply toward the truth. It takes will power and conviction to help make sense of things that are out of sense for whatever reasons. What I have found is that if I choose any subject through reasonable logic and conclude that the subject is not being given it's full potential to inform or succeed, then I have a cause worth promoting for our betterment. It is really easy to do if I keep my honorable principles intact. I know I am a good person who wants to help others realize their goodness as well. To do that I must admit wrong and promote right. I make it sound simple but it is not so simple sometimes to know what is wrong and what is right. That is why I measure everything against equality, justice, freedom etc... I do not get to create my own limits for right or wrong. I only get to recognize when right or wrong are being advanced. My life's journey has always been about what I learn along the way so the longer I am alive, the logic is, the more I should be able to understand. It is a paradigm I believe all of us have for ourselves. Some of us choose to live within the nobility of high principled ideals and others choose to live within principles that are less noble and more subjective to personal beliefs attached to the unknown. In other words, some of us like virtue to a fault while others will find fault with virtue. It is sad that we as a species cannot just use our own two basic instincts of compassionate care and curious wonder to help us form our principles for living. Someday it may come into being but for now, unfortunately, we struggle to identify ourselves from each other instead of with each other.

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