Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The source of my spirituality (#970)

Someone asked me yesterday what was my spirituality. I replied that I wasn't my spirituality and sort of left it at that. Since then I have been contemplating a more specific answer and have come to the conclusion that words are not enough to define my sense of understanding, but I will try. As a general scope of understanding, my spiritual direction is to seek that which I don't know, relentlessly and care for the things that I discover. In other words, my spirituality is curiosity and care. It seems that I have based my vision of what existence is about on the most important human traits I know. It may seem selfish or short-sighted of me to give humanity the importance of defining why existence exists, however, without humanity, existence wouldn't be questioned. I do understand my dilemma here but I will still consider my view from the highest of importance given to the human experience. Believe this though, only humility allows me to do so. There is a key to life and I think it is in the process of discovery and care, both equally and inseparably distinct. Our species has evolved to a place of rationalization based upon observation. We have at least five senses that demand information, as well as we nurture our offspring and those animals of lesser logical ability. I won't make the case here for why I raise wonder and care up to the highest traits of humanity but you may already see why I do. The "how" will come in later posts and I have already covered some of this in previous posts. Regardless, if a god existed for me the god would want me to use the abilities I have as a human and express them in the best way possible. This is the best I can do for now to describe what my spirituality is. I hope you understand a little bit more about what I think and how I feel about what I think.

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