Saturday, September 24, 2011

We are too smart for the big lie (#967)

Many centuries ago philosophies were built upon the premise that society needed to be constructed in a way that placated the masses in order to maintain order. Books like "The Leviathan", "The Prince" and of course "The Republic". Each of these discourses on the nature of humans and the structure of society needed to control civilization in a way that maintained a hierarchy of power within those who were holding it while reinforcing the necessity of obedience by those who would challenge society. The rulers were confirmed, through a sense of divinity, and the ruled were left to accept this with humility. What all three of the mentioned treatises have in common is that their first premise is a lie. There is no hierarchy of divinity, privilege owed or deserve that can be logically argued. Wisdom does not come from birthright or coronation, it comes from looking at the world with objective motives and acting upon those enlightened insights. Accomplishments in other areas of endeavor make for success but not wisdom. Personally, I have found wise people in various odd places. They have no trumpet announcing their arrival. they just exist in their little worlds doing the best they can. All of us at times exhibit wisdom about our lives and about the lives within our world, we don't need to be led to wisdom, we need to find it for ourselves. Looking around us and seeing what is being done in the name of humanity is a start. We don't need a manifesto that regards some more than others. We don't need forceful proclamations that divide us instead of uniting us. We don't need to be frightened by those who would use myth or superstition as a strategy to control our thoughts and behaviors. We don't need to be lied to to know how to want a better world for ourselves and others around us.

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