Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The amazing connection between heart and mind (#1125)

I was just welcoming a new friend on Facebook and was reminded of how both my mind and my heart are interconnected to bring out the best of who I am. One used without the other is incomplete in it's real effectiveness. It is like having half the amount needed to complete a purpose. As a human being, we are gifted with care and wonder, these two natural instincts compliment each other in their maturation. When we do the things in a smart and caring way, we execute the most potential of who we are. To even consider one without the other is to deny that we are human. We are what we are and nothing else will do. It is constructive for me to think of myself as a human data processing entity, because of my five senses, while at the same time knowing that human emotion will often derail the best of logical precision. That is the little detail we all need to keep at the forefront of our analysis and reasonings about life in general. The human experience is made up of not only curiosity and the answers that curiosity brings but what we perceive as viable answers when we are also intertwined with care at it's most prescient. To see an outcome that involves the logic of now with the emotion of the future is breathtaking. It is also what we are able to do on a consistent basis if we allow that both the heart and the mind need to work in conjunction with each other and not in spite of each other. yesterday's post was about happiness and our search for living in happiness as much as possible. Well, we get there by using the best of who we are and that is our minds and hearts. It is helpful and purposeful to also think of what can be possible and what that can bring to all of us and not just to some of us.

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