Monday, February 27, 2012

The cradle of change is in our minds (#1123)

Our imaginations will sustain us and advance what we can do if we can find ways to enhance them. Imaginings are what separate us from the other species but also from each other as well. It is a shame that we are not all capable or willing to imagine with equal vigor, but some of us have chosen philosophy over ever changing enlightenment. It is a fact that there are many among us who wish to not imagine at all and are quite satisfied with a version of an illusion that escapes reality. I am not one to dismantle belief systems per se, however to acknowledge that belief systems are the answer to our future is blinding oneself to imagination. Let me make this one point clear, belief systems are just that, belief systems, not proven truth systems. I personally have a belief system but it is mine and not for advocacy. I "believe" each of us has to find a place within ourselves where we can justify all the good and bad of our society. I have this place and it is a comfort to me. However, that deals with my frailty, not my reality. My destiny lies in the knowledge I ascertain from any and all sources that have credibility. I am a data processing human and that is my nature. I live to learn and I live to care. Simple but it seems not easy for everyone to grasp. Fear will always allow for greater participation in many lives for belief systems to dominate their perspectives. It is how they cope and I cannot allay their fears with mere words alone. They must find their own comfort but not at the expense of the rest of us who are trying to fulfill our destinies through our imaginings and knowledge. If one must be afraid of reality, then step back from the forefront of realty's advancement and learn to find the curiosity that is your nature by birth, so the rest of us may continue to fulfill our destinies.

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