Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happiness (#1117)

Happiness is the result of good things happening inside of us. Without those good things going on, happiness would be elusive and just a dream. It takes work for happiness to come to fruition. Even the simple thought to smile when you have no reason. The choice to be happy has to have a foundation and that foundation begins within us. We are not here in this existence to be entertained, no, by my reasoning, we are here to explore and enjoy each others company. Two very simple understandings that should dominate our every actions. I know I try to let them dominate mine. By doing so I have found that every thing is much clearer and sensical. I write this blog for the sole purpose of forwarding that we are a species that survives so that we can be curious and caring. Simple again. By trying to define who we are I am then able to determine how we could live. None of us should be making any decisions of great magnitude without knowing the foundation of the subject. As well we should know the foundation of us. We care and we wonder along with a will to survive. Is there anything that I have stated that doesn't make sense? If we know who we are, and I mean all of our species, then we can begin to live with our decisions based upon that very foundation. All of us deciding to do things based upon our caring and our curiosity. Does this sound like a future worth living in? It would be factual and true! The key to the answers we need to find for our combined futures will always be through the door of our natures. Once we all know of our natures, then crossing the threshold to the future will be bold and anticipatory. Remember, when we are denied our true natures of compassion and curiosity, it is then when we become what we are now, a greedy brutish lot conflicting with our better half. It is past time to loose the chains and free our caring and curiosity so that happiness is the result we all see in each other.

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