Thursday, February 16, 2012

The intractable progressive nature of humanity (#1112)

Try as some might to block our natures with illogical dogma, progress is our destiny. We are a species that has been continuing to evolve since our beginning to a greater version since that time. Our advancement has been incremental and full of fits and starts, however the great momentum is unstoppable. I will continue to say this until my dying breath, we are curious, as a natural instinct. We cannot change who we are in the core of our beings. The beauty of our natures, caring and curiosity, is that there are many of us to care about and a Universe so immense and unknown for us to learn from. We are the little engines who could in a land of never ending hills to climb. I use that analogy because nothing about the era of humanity has been easy. We are our own worst enemies at times since we do find ways to sabotage who we are in order to get something from ourselves by being who we are not. As we continue to evolve though our understanding of our natures will continue to become clearer and then less likely to be manipulated by ones with no good common vision for the future of all of us. We are not children who need a sovereign being or force to guide us into our futures, instead we are the guiding force we need. We are capable of applying the logic of virtue into action and providing rules that reflect as such. We are the masters of our own destiny once we understand that by being the best of who we are and living in our compassion and curiosity, we fulfill our purpose within the time frame we are given to exist. Never before in human history have our futures been so closely linked as they are today and never before in human history has our understanding of humanity and our environment been so clear. We are standing at the threshold of a new dawn in the evolution of humanity. Together we continue to progress forward as one with the purpose of living our best while trusting in our virtues.

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