Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scaredy cats and lying traps (#1122)

Like a lot of my posts, I seem to have many similarly varied versions of what fear does to inhibit our growth and maturation. Fear is such a formidable sensation/mindset that not enough can be done to try to pry fear from our lives. I always try to caveat fear in one positive respect, as it pertains to our caution when danger is imminent. However, that is the only usage of fear that is acceptable to keep in our behaviors. Then there are also the advantage takers, those who use language without foundational truth to manipulate those who are afraid to think for themselves. So two different dynamics going on here, those who are afraid and those who take advantage of that fear. The importance of acknowledging that I still have fear for lots of things is significant for you to understand that fear is not a disease that can be cured. It can be treated by allowing some small measure of courage to begin to develop and finding ways to stare down fear in the face of it. When we consciously accept we are afraid but do not wish to remain in fear, we can slowly push ourselves into finding some courage to face the fear. Often times the fear is hollow and just doing some little courageous act of defiance, instead of cowering, we then see how fear can be lessened. As to the lying traps, which I mean to describe the people who play on our fears for their or others' gain, only finding our way through fear can we then recognize the liars for their intent. A clarity of purpose, serenity and understanding follows courageous acts. That is the payoff for fighting against those feelings, actions and thoughts that would make us lesser humans. Our worlds become wiser because we have survived the worst of our fears. In fear diminution, we find more courage and boldness to live the lives we expect we should in our best manner.

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