Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The telling of lies and keeping of secrets must end (#1118)

There are no good lies and no good secrets. In the long run, only the truth keeps us sane and constructive. Our society and our species needs the facts of things so that we can know what to do next. We harm and fail each other when we withhold the truth. I know it seems and can actually be callous to tell hard truths, but the overall effect of lying about truth or keeping things secret has a greater harmful effect on our ability to adapt and survive. We live in an imperfect world and deplorable disgusting things happen. That is nothing new and anyone who would stigmatize should look in the mirror before casting judgement on others. We are not the boss of others unless others ask us to be their boss through law. Our own life is hard enough to live, without thinking we can control what and how others know and act upon. Telling the truth and standing tall behind virtue will always be the correct choice, regardless of circumstance, every time. The lying and secret keeping must stop and let the truth carry it's own weight, it doesn't need our interference. We are indomitable in our human spirit and just about anything thrown at us of a negative nature will not destroy us. We are survivors by nature. It is what we do regardless of time and space. We must trust our natures, that we all share as a species. Tell the truth of things even if the uncomfortableness of it is hard. Never withhold facts that have an effect on what others may do because a thought occurs that not knowing something would be helpful. That is an illusion, since we all feed off of knowing what is about us. Have faith in our species, let us experience the truth of this existence regardless of the situations life throws at us. We are strong and ready for the future but we must know what our past and present truly is.

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