Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We are all one together (#1111)

The only one true way we can be ourselves is if we work together to create the cultural atmosphere for our individuality to express itself. Nothing we do alone can efficiently increase our chances for fulfilling our own lives. We all have a common interest we share, to know and understand who we are while continuing to grow into who we will become. The only scenario that will allow for this to occur is for a consensus on our part to support each other in the most basic ways. We must make sure that we all have some form of security to survive on this planet that does not denigrate, lessen our opportunities or leave us in unhealthy squalor. The beauty of being human is our desire to improve ourselves. We are the most curious species in existence. We know that for us to satisfy our curiosities, we must have some foundational beginnings that secure our health, education and opportunities. The time for selfishly advancing one's privilege as an accepted paradigm for society has no merit. The time for unselfishly advancing equality of opportunity as an accepted paradigm for all has all merit. I am Carl first, and for that my responsibility to me being as perfect an example of the best of humanity is an utmost priority, secondly, my loyalty to my national heritage and it's bountiful steps toward just egalitarianism is of the highest priorities. Yet being a human and part of the greatest species in existence, has me tied to our natural instincts with all of the world of humans in a way that is profoundly and more importantly absolutely necessary for me to lift humanity up as the single greatest priority in life. Our species must remain in existence at all cost to either self or even intellectual logic. I will battle the rest of my life to maintain an intellectually logical growth for us but, in lieu of that, as a species, we must survive to fight another day as a default endgame, if intellectual progression fails.

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