Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a surprise (#1119)

Today's blog post is a bit more about my day yesterday than anything else and the reason is because my day yesterday was unusually happy. No particular reason but it seemed that most everyone I encountered was having a good day. I was also having a good day which just added to the fun. I went to the veterinarian for medication for my sick dog yesterday and got her on the mend and had a very nice time there and then went to a doctor's appointment at the Sutter Hospital downtown Sacramento and had an especially fun time there as well. Every department I went to had happy people enjoying their work and interaction with others. I felt good there when otherwise hospitals have not been such pleasant experiences. I guess the law of averages had to swing positive eventually. I had my faith in humanity reinforced though and if people elsewhere were enjoying their lives like those I saw yesterday, then the outlook for our society is an upbeat one. Of course there was no smooth sailing, but when obstacles presented themselves solutions were found in a manner that had fun attached. People being helpful and effective while smiling and laughing about life in general. Not too bad for a hospital visit where doom and gloom can have the majority of the people's mindsets. When all was said and done I realized that I had brought the happy and smiling with me and kept it up all through my day. I guess by me being happy others were able to show their happiness as well, and vice-versa. I got home yesterday afternoon with the confident sense that much that I accomplished yesterday was thrust upon me with not much warning but in the spirit of succeeding, I managed to get everything done. What a surprise and a happy time doing it as well.

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