Monday, May 21, 2012

Defending what is best about our human species (#1207)

It is with a resolve of never-ending dedication that I bring this subject up. Why I should even have to write about it tells us that our species is off the track in administering our society as a reflection of the best of who we are. Instead of us living in the positiveness of our elements, we ignobly decry our negative aspects and admonish ourselves for being less than who we are. What a complete turnaround from what our outlooks should be. For example, instead of using knowledge and logic to underpin our policies and processes, we instead defer to greed and selfishness as models for determining the quality of life we should all have to experience. We are left to the whims of cheats and manipulators who see the ultimate goal of life as a race to see who can gather the most despite what is left for the rest. There is a great battle going on right now and it centers on two idealistic paradigms, unfettered capitalism and democratic equality. The tension between these two models has separated out clear distinctions about what they both represent. Clearly, our country was founded on principles of democracy that overshadowed all other forms of representation. Capitalism is an economic model that, when left unchecked will eat itself alive striving to outdo all competitors. So a mixture of the two models seems to be what has sustained our society over the last 236 years. We do honor hard and intelligent work with reward but not at the expense of our democracy. The hard and intelligent work could not be sustained without our democracy. So in the final analysis, capitalism must remain viable but only within the principles of democratic equality. Capitalism is a subset of democracy and democracy must eventually out survive every other paradigm of societal implementation. 

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