Sunday, May 27, 2012

The fiery combination of logic and love (#1213)

Life would be so mechanical if we had no passion in our lives. We humans are a grand experiment in the melding of both logic and emotion. As we continue to struggle to inculcate a reasonable and sensible expression of the two we are also given to elevating one at the expense of the other. Like I say, we humans are a grand experiment that is in the throes of defining the two into one. For example, I know it is illogical to continue to love another that hates that love, or having a life that denies love is even real. We humans are trying so many permutations of our two main natures in order to ignore the purity of our two main natures that it has become quite confusing to us at so many different times. I have found that acceptance is the key to admitting that we have these two complex natures. Now that is the logical side of me coming to the rescue! But what remains is the emotional side which must also have a direction to follow. When it comes to the most complex emotion we experience, love, there is only one course to follow. From acceptance I now move to admittance. The form of my love needs to know what I am feeling. That is a courtesy I owe to myself and to the subject of my love. What happens after that is left to the destiny and fate of my life. I have completed the cycle of my logic at, and the love expressed for, and can only wait to see what that may bring. There will always be some who are requited with a similar expression and for the most part many more who will have to live on with an unrequited response. Either way, we have both of our natures at hand, working in conjunction, to deal with what we are as humans in a way that allows us to go forward, regardless the outcome.

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