Saturday, May 19, 2012

First, we must understand our natures (#1205)

The only reason for me writing this blog, besides having a place to write what I think, is to affirm that we are compassionate and curious at birth, and then we are changed due to our historically manipulated societal machinations. Society is the structure of how we interact and if that structure has been compromised or is flawed in it's construction and utility, then we must change the flaws and renew the structure with it's amenable applications that serve the public on whole. Society should be a reflection of who we are as individuals who gather and live together as a community of people, and I have been forwarding the proposition that who we are as individuals is our, innocent at birth, caring and wondering instincts. All the other instinctual actions we take and think are a direct result of the denial of care and wonder we need. They are the negative results of not having the positive outlets of compassion and curiosity in every acceptable form. Our society should reflect our positive natures and not reflect the denial of them. So often closed minds choose to limit the unique characteristics of humanity in order to suffer an advantage or to maintain a control for their own selfish interests, which is not a reflection of humanity, and not a reflection of what a human society represents. What open minds should be focused on instead is the production of processes that reflect the best of compassion and curiosity. All of our efforts should be trained on the betterment of the human experiment, in order to satisfy our own natures as well as satisfy the growth and progress of our species. We maintain our individualism by our own efforts but the processes that we utilize have to have our natures at the core and the opportunity for all to apply. 

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