Thursday, May 24, 2012

Individually we are not immortal but as a species we have a chance (#1210)

For those who think that individualism is the best course for our society's function, then consider this proposition. If the survival of our species is our greatest priority, then us working together to achieve it is better than all of us working for it separately. I was considering what we humans define as the nature of divineness, and it occurs to me, looking at religious belief systems on whole, that we always seem to equate our dieties with immortality or more clearly, infinity. Infinity seems to have the same consequence of action as our own will to survive. We may not be immortal but it is within our nature to strive for just such a thing. Simply, none of us purposefully wants to die when all things are equally possible. So it seems that our subconscious is literally, constantly at work, striving to lengthen our own individual lives. Now, as time and history has shown, no none person can make the leap to understanding or learning all things in life without some help from someone or something. Our lives are a lot like a short burst of energy, adding to the other short bursts of energy that, on whole, create a larger and more powerful energy source. In time and eventually, if we survive ourselves and the nature of our somewhat chaotic environment known as the Universe, we may form a subset of immortality together. This subset has already, in practice, begun when we first were formed as a species. Logic dictates that we may increase our individual life spans but not to the point of equating with the life span of our species. My point here is that not only by working together, do we have a real chance of continuing the immortality of our species, but because of that, we shall at least be somewhat fulfilling our natural will to survive.    

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