Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One million years from now (#1209)

It is not hard to imagine that we could survive ourselves and all that nature has to offer in order to continue our species for a million years into the future. What will be hard is the actual doing of that. Despite what we will look like and how we will be able to communicate, the practical matters of living in a world with physical dynamics that we now know somewhat the basics of, we should still have the qualities that do make us human. I don't see ourselves as anything less than our physical selves although I am sure we will have evolved with different types of modifications of artificial natures. But our core of humanity should survive all the innovation and technological advances time will give us. For us to have a chance of surviving as a species we will have to build upon the qualities that make us human. Again, our compassion for all things in existence and our wonder about those same all things. I have said this several times on this blog, we are like human data processors, with our 5 physical senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight we examine that which is around us and evaluate it's being. As we move forward into time our planet will become a launching point to places outside our atmosphere and beyond. Like we do here on Earth we will do at other celestial orbs, through our senses, increase our awareness and knowledge base which will feed even greater into our innovation and technology. What we must always be aware of however is who we are and what we do best. To deviate from being human is to disrupt the naturalness and distinctive instincts we have embedded into our genetics. If we remain our human selves and follow our natural instincts we should have a fair shot at surviving whatever we unintentionally do to ourselves and whatever may occur throughout the Universe that may affect us.

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