Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We humans are the sovereign (#1208)

No one can tell us what to do except us. We are the sovereigns here in in this existence. There is no other being in existence that sets rules for our society nor for our individual behaviors. We make our own rules to decide what is acceptable behavior, both individually and collectively. We use guidelines like virtue, justice, ethics to guide our morality, through legal and social structure. We get there by passing laws that all must obey or pay a consequence for not obeying. In theory, there should be a universal threshold where no one is given dispensation. We are all the same and all allowances should be applied equally. That being said, my point here is that we are the human hegemon and all that goes with it. We lead to our own developments, innovations and societal course corrections without having to ask for a "by your leave" from any other entity than ourselves. Our high position in this existence gives us a unique ability to control our own destiny. We have the means and the capabilities to establish pathways of learning and discovery that cannot be restricted by anything except ourselves. We have the emotional wherewithall to care for each other in ways that exemplify the best of our species and the long sighted vision for our future generations of offspring. It is all within our own grasp. Nothing in this Universe has shown itself as a greater being of existence to thwart that which we decide to do. Superstitions and myths may hold some of us back but the reality of existence is that we are the sovereigns and nothing as of yet has proven this statement of mine wrong.

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