Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I will NOT tolerate (#1216)

I am really an easy going type person who believes that all of us should be given the due respect and dignity of our acceptable individualism. Yet, it seems that many do not want to stop at what is respectful, dignified and acceptable and just forge ahead with their ideals with reckless abandon. They wreak their havoc on us in the sense that they think it is good for us. Their ideals in place of our own. Sound familiar? It does to me and it reeks of a paternal/maternal attitude with a large dose of ego fueling it. To those who think we need to be cared for in  a way that condescends to our own individual critical thinking I will say this: Back off! If ever I need help in deciding my fate it will be because I need input, not a predetermined course. I will not tolerate some who think that we need to have them think for us. The type of people who have, in their own minds, decided that they are the elite of the human species and as such are to be privileged with the gravitas of an illusory exceptionalism. How can I differentiate out these types of people? It is so easy, they do not have sufficient humility. That is the one personality characteristic that has escaped them and because of that they often appear disingenuous when they speak and act. Our society has so many things yet to accomplish and wasting time on the egos of those who would be a king of sorts has kept us from any normal efficiency in moving into our futures with hope and expectation. The beauty of life is that we all get to make choices regarding our own destiny within the destiny of our species. One the personal level, we have greater flexibility in discovering our own life pathway and on the larger level, as concerning our species, we have to cultivate the vision that expands our communal strengths and enlightens our evolving possibilities. 

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