Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When the liars win (#1215)

When the liars win the rest of us lose. Question everything when given information that doesn't settle correctly with your intuition and basic knowledge. We are all required to think, it is a duty we are given as being citizens of our respective countries and as being natural human beings with natural rights. When liars win, the truth is subordinated to falsehoods which do not benefit anyone except those who are the liars. When liars win, our children are taught that by not being honest they can gain in a societal acceptable way. Who needs to be honest when lying can get you to your goal? What are we teaching our offspring when we let liars win? I guess the question should be WHY do we let liars win? Are we too lazy to care? Do we not have enough of the stamina of will to defend that which we know is virtuous in the face of that which we know is despicable? Have we forgotten the principles of honesty that our country has been founded upon and those brave souls who gave their very lives defending? Could it be that we would rather count our own selves as being above the lies of others and ignore the effect that those lies have on us in total? Maybe we are too busy with our own personal lives to even care about what lies are being promulgated as fact. What I do know is that when lies win, our lives get more and more out of our own control and instead our lives go further toward being controlled by some others. Standing up to lies takes courage, can we say we are courageous when we won't even stand up to a lie?

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