Thursday, November 14, 2013

Broken hearts mend (#1749)

I have had a broken heart most of my conscious life based upon the tragedy of life I have witnessed and learned of. Life should be about joy but it is not at this time in existence. Maybe someday we people will find it within us to express what is best about us and not haphazardly what is worst. But over time I have become inured to this too often despicable and painful reality. Mainly though because I trudge onward with the hope that I can somehow make a better life out of existence with my puny little efforts. Hope is my lifeline and although I am insignificant I am not worthless. As to broken hearts mending I know this to be true. I have had my heart gut punched enough and lived with that pain everyday for what seemed like forever, but over some time that gut punched broken heart healed up and beat strongly again. It says much about our species that although we can't see any plausible answers to our dilemmas we won't allow our will to survive to be threatened and instead we reinforce our selves with the possibility that a hope in the future may materialize. Although we are vulnerable to our conscious thoughts we nonetheless progress forward with steely resolve. The endurance of our souls has a limit as some have shown and at times some cannot go forward. However, our species is much more than some of us, it is all of us and as we continue to march through time and space with no apparent knowledge of why existence exists, yet we show existence that our caring, wondering and will to survive are not to be broken and discarded, but to be mended and continued.

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