Friday, November 15, 2013

Courage in the face of fear (#1750)

When we are not completely sure we can make our best effort prevail is when we must make our best effort and then see the outcome. Thinking that we may fail before we even try can impose a freeze upon us that is self defeating. What we must not do is quit before we try. It is in the trying that we find out our potential, not in the guessing of how we will perform. True leaders have the understanding to trust what their honorable principles are telling them and to act on them with a fierceness that matches one's own survival instinct. If we know that we are putting ourselves on the line then we had better not hold anything back since we are the ones who control how we will perform. I try to always give my best since I know I am not the greatest nor the best at anything in particular. So if I have any chance of succeeding in sticking my neck out for something very important, than I had better give every ounce of energy and focus I have to it if I am going to have a chance to succeed. Courage is one of the greatest motivators in my life since it does fulfill within me what I perceive as truth under fire. I don't use courage to game something or for an ulterior motive since honor is too important to me as a life living principle. For me, being on the side of right and good has always been an edge for me and anything less than that doesn't have the pure intent of my abilities. I am not a gambling man per se, however every time I risk myself in some detrimental way to myself, you can be assured that I will be giving every thing I have to overcoming.

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