Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eleanor Roosevelt (#1762)

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."-Eleanor Roosevelt. One can just sit back and ponder on this quote for a little while and get so much from it when we apply it to ourselves. Granted that we all discuss ideas, events and people to some degree but it is to the degree that differentiates us from one another. Personally I like ideas and events in that order since building a better existence for our species is my main focus. But occasionally I do get into conversations about people, especially when they are either of the two extremes. On the dangerous extreme I do like to warn others and on the magnificent extreme I do like to congratulate and illuminate their efforts. But for me it is all about new ideas for making positive impacts on our citizenry, all of other life and our planet on whole. Our place in the Universe is unique and unprecedented as far as our history explains. We are the most capable of species in existence and therefore our upside is the most open to exploration. We are at just the beginning of a new paradigm for ourselves. Building and expanding technology and innovation at record pace. Surely we are about to jump into the cosmos within the next century and what we do beyond is incumbent upon our progress being expanded to all walks of life. The days of a sedentary lifestyle contented upon dismissing our curiosity have passed. We are now able to dream of possibilities that have a real chance of coming to fruition. When we focus on the ideas we have that can change our current events into something much greater, we are better for being the species whose current status in our universe is unparalleled.

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