Thursday, November 21, 2013

Find your vibration (#1756)

Existence is made up of waves, seen and not seen. A vibration is something that waves it's way through us either to consequence or not. It is the waves that are of consequence that lift me. I find most of my vibrations through sound and most of those are through music. I know what reaches my soul in ways that other vibrations don't and I know what doesn't. It is the ones that do that make my existence just that much more exciting and happy. I get lost in the sensation and for that little else reasonably compares. The magic that is accorded us through our sound receptors and through the vibrations they emanate in our very matter is incredible and truly one of the great wonders of our creation. Our planet and atmosphere has given us some of these sounds and vibrations but the majority of them are created through our appreciation for artistic curiosity. We define what we know into categories and then expand on those categories ever widening the scope of their boundaries. The beauty and power of music has captured so many varied individuals together into one huge massive audience of appreciation. I think of the concerts we attend and how they can bring us together in ways that can only be attained through shared experience. Not only do our agreed vibrations have a soulful affect on us but we can carry messages within them that stir us to even greater fulfillment. The absolute power of vibrations in our lives can and should be recognized as what unites us to greater joy and appreciation of how that joy should be spread.

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