Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Letting go of the obsession (#1761)

There are some things in life being obsessive is a good thing. Being obsessively compassionate and curious do more often than not benefit ourselves and those whose lives we touch. Yet as good as some obsessions can be, many more are not as helpful. We can easily allow ourselves to become fixated on subjects and people in such a way as to become overbearing and devoid of an objective perspective. I often find myself falling into the trap of obsession in the things that entertain me. A simple acknowledgement that some fun and skill tests can be seductive to the point of moderation. I have learned not to be obsessive about relationships the hard way, by losing them and then understanding what I was doing wrong. Sad for me and no doubt others like me. I do hope to find a relationship in my life that will benefit from all that I have learned not to do but in that paradigm, the search continues. However, my other less noticeable areas of attention do have some more work to accomplish. As I busy myself with interests I recognize an insatiability to over moderate and immerse myself within it. Nothing great like research and development of some positive societal utility, just me staying out of trouble. lol. Yet in the boring mundanity of my life I can easily allow myself to lose perspective in the name of compulsion. I can easily fixate on that which I find beneficial to the detriment of other more important things I find beneficial. So the lesson here for me is to recognize what the irrelevant obsession I find myself immersed in as quickly as possible and remember that "marking time" here in this existence is more about losing time not taking positive advantage of it.

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