Saturday, November 16, 2013

The bonds of society (#1751)

Equality under the law is the backbone of a high functioning society. If we cannot agree that we all share in our responsibilities at the most basic function then we cannot have peace within our civilization. Why on Earth would any of us join into a contract that benefited some and not all? We have to have at the barest of minimums respect for all of human life if we are ever to flourish and solve our other pressing problems. As it is now we have one political party here in America that is not about equality for all and instead is about a hierarchy of rights established by their unjust conceptions. I am referring to the Republican party and it's offshoots, the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party. There is a mighty struggle going on now for the soul of America and the choices are diversity and tolerance through equality and justice offered by Democrats as the way forward for America's society or the ancient paradigm of class and race distinctions that promote segregation and injustice with little function for community of people's offered by Republicans and their cohorts. This is a real dynamic playing out in our politics and our economy and the sooner that all we Americans become aware of the polar opposite choices being offered the quicker we can expose this crucial battle so all can be aware of the side they choose. So much confusion exists today that loyalty to one side or the other is more dominant than actually knowing the purpose of either party. An awareness must be made to all so that we can wrest this battle to the ground and declare the absolute winner. I can only imagine that we are better than we are worse so the Democrats in this battle will prevail.

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