Sunday, November 17, 2013

The demoralization that defines addiction (#1752)

Mostly my comments here today will be concerning chemical addiction(s) but do not be fooled into thinking that economic, political, religious and social addictions are not excluded from the summary of this post. Chemical addiction(s) is one where the next consumption of the preferred chemical outweighs all other priorities. Surely we go about our daily procedures acting on behalf of our responsibilities but the all consuming mindset to set up the next chemical consuming event is at the top of our agenda. Eventually we find that keeping our promise to our addiction(s) and keeping our promise to our responsibilities collide. What happens next is the crossroad where most fail to objectively see that our addiction(s) has an advantage over us greater than the logically moral choice. I say this because in our own set of principles we divine as our life force, we dismiss in the face of denying our addiction. Our addiction(s) take on a life of their own within our minds. Our addiction(s) tell us that it is okay to put ourselves first over being responsible to our previous obligations and hopes for the future. Our addiction(s) compel us to see everything through the lens of satisfying our accompanying craving. When the line in the sand between our responsibilities and our addiction(s) has been passed then crossing that line again is easily done without the self conscious condemnation that followed the first crossing. Our addiction(s) define our rationale and we are subject to it not the other way around. Escaping the grip of our addiction(s) is done through the recognizing that we gave control to our chemicals and we are it's servant and not the other way around. 

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