Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We are a community of human beings! (#1755)

For those who advocate for the sole responsibility of individualism I say this, that if we truly were only individuals how would we have ever been born and then grown up? If not our parents raising us then family or friends or community did. Do we just ignore that our nurture to adulthood did not happen? Are we to assume that we were all sprouted to life as adults with all the necessary knowledge and common sense magically within us? Those that espouse individualism as an instinct are clueless to reality and have an ulterior agenda that somehow is justified if we would only believe their nonsense. Surely we are individuals in the sense that we are only one person, however we are not individuals when it comes to the growth and living of our lives. We all inhabit this orb we call Earth which is finite and has at the moment a concrete restriction to remain here regardless of our wishes to be on some other planet. Time in the future may change that sooner than later however we are not isolated from one another on our current planet. Even still it takes two forms of humans, woman and man to make the necessary formula for life to birth. Nothing in our history nor of our understanding of our instincts leads us to believe for one second that we are purely separate and without the need to have other human contact through the entirety of our lives. We are a communal being, surviving as a species against the chaos this existence presents. All facets of our lives are connected and that is how it should be since it is the heritage of our species' survival.

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